hi from the craftyglutton

Some of you may have seen one or two of my food posts over on my husband’s site- http://sports-glutton.com – Thanks for heading over here and checking out my own space!

For those of you who have never encountered me before:

 HI! I’m craftyglutton.  I am working on a masters in urban planning.  To keep my inherently creative spirit alive I cook, refinish furniture on the cheap, try to be a decent photographer and day dream about being independently wealthy.

I decided that I need to have my own space out here because most of the topics I am really interested do not fall under a sports heading.  My hope for this site is to share some food, art (in whatever form I’m feeling at the moment) and views on urban dwelling, preservation of our already built environment (I swear I won’t make any of those too boring), and environmental topics.  Please comment freely on my posts to join the conversation, introduce me to new topics and let me know what you find crafty and what you find not-so-crafty.

Thanks for reading! Stay crafty my friends!


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