I have learned something interesting in returning to school after seven or so years in the “real” world…

Procrastination makes me more creative.

A new outlook on procrastination? Perhaps.

I have always been guilty of procrastination when it comes to school.  On the other hand, working doesn’t really afford you the time for procrastination. I was usually burnt out by the time I got home after the 8+ hour work days and 30 minute to 2 hour commute times.  All I wanted was to get home then eat and sleep (and maybe have a glass of wine, or if I was being really ambitious actually excercise).  But now I am back in full time student land, and there is something about school, no matter your age (at least for me), that seems optional.  I am not devaluing education by any means- I need this degree and the cost, I am very familiar with the cost.  Sometimes though, the work has that optional feel instead of pressing feeling.  In times like that, I have resorted to tinkering with things like this:

And end up somewhere around here:

Culminating in the final version below:

Not too shabby for a picture that was not too good to begin with (I moved it towards pink to match the decor in one of my moms bedrooms).

P.S. The original Karate Kid is on in the background… in high def.  I feel old.


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