inversion, you depress me

Have you ever lived or do you currently live in an area that suffers from inversion or sever smog?  I do and it grosses me out. 

We relocated last summer for my grad schooling and it was all dandy… until the winter.  Sportsglutton and I experienced something we had never encountered before.  We had seen a smoggy or red air alert day once in a while, usually during the summer, but we had never seen any air pollution as severe or noticeable as this.

For those who are not familiar, inversion happens when cold air gets trapped under warmer air in a valley setting.  Typically the mountains are colder than the valley, but sometimes the temperatures “invert” and the valley is slightly colder than the mountains. 

Who cares right?  Well, if the cold air is trapped, so is all the pollution emitted by cars, smoke stacks, etc. 

Your days start to look like this:

= Depression.  No blue skies, no crisp white snow, no clean air to breathe, no views clear across the valley.   

I was in a car when I took these pictures because the inversion was lasting for days and we needed to escape to the mountains to breathe in some clean air.   In general though, on a day-to-day basis, I am a mass transit user and we are a one car family (just wanted to put that out there before any commenting backlash begins). 

Get out of your cars people!  This is gross and it is just going to get worse as the population rises! 

I am not trying to sound like some granola nazi, and I completely understand  if a car is your only option, BUT for many of the people where I live, that is not the case. 

Ok, I’m done now.


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