social networking for political change

I am exhausted today.  My brain has been in that constant “on” mode- when it won’t shut down so you can sleep in peace. 

On a day like today, I find that pretty irritating since I want to be happy, exuberant, and glued to CNN. 

The people of Egypt have achieved what many hope for, but rarely achieve.  A relatively peaceful overthrow of a lousy government.  A government which seemed stable, not teetering on the verge of collapse.  Three or four weeks ago I don’t think I could have even imagined this- it never would have crossed my mind.

My father’s former friend/business partner and his family are Egyptian.  I know they have been waiting for this day for a long time.  My father’s friend called Mubarak the “Garbage Man” and was always waiting for an end to his rule.  He passed away a year or so ago and though he missed this day of freedom and victory, I believe he is smiling wherever he may be (and I would bet my dad is alongside him celebrating).

So cheers to the Egyptians, cheers to their youth who gathered on Facebook, cheers for their well-rewarded patience, and cheers for a peaceful victory. 

This is a good reminder that change is possible, especially for those of us who have become complacent in this cradle of democracy.  Maybe it doesn’t have to be business as usual in Washington…


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