Are more choices always a good thing? 

As someone who has a really hard time deciding what to do with her life, I would say no.  I am a very lucky person- I am good at a few things and I have the opportunity to pursue something of my choosing.  Although it is now somewhat common in this country, this opportunity or lot in life is not something to be taken for granted – especially in this Great Recession.

So where does this leave me? 

Well, I feel torn almost every day.  Am I better suited to be my own boss and pursue something crafty full time?    Do I try to save the world and our climate through planning?  Do I try to save the world, our climate, and our built history?  Will working for the man, entrenched in bureaucracy, kill my spirit and frustrate me to no end?  Do I just try to save our built history and hope the rest will follow?  Or do I pursue something crafty (as my own boss) and do it a socially/environmentally conscious matter and become an active citizen to hopefully help my community improve our climate, social equality, and save our built history?

See, too many choices. 

Here I sit, as I have for the past seven months, working towards a Masters and wondering if I will even end up using it when I finish next year.  Don’t get me wrong, I love the knowledge I am gaining and the increasing awareness that it offers.  In no uncertain terms do I feel that furthering one’s education is ever a waste of time or money.  I just wonder, for my family, if I am making the best choices. 

Sorry if I sound whiney, but this looming decision weighs heavy on me.  Anyone else feel this way on a day to day basis?


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