Sportsglutton has been away this past week and he left behind five oranges that he had bought to snack on.  I don’t have anything against oranges, but they can be a messy portable snack especially when compared to apples, bananas, or grapes.  Anyway, the point of the story is that I would be eating the five oranges, but I didn’t want them to go bad and get thrown out either.  I was searching for recipes, but none of the desert type recipes were striking my fancy and I was missing too many ingredients for salads.  Low and behold, I open up Design*Sponge and there was a new post for orange & vanilla marmalade… Excellent!

I used navel oranges, a blood orange, and an orange of unknown origin.  That was not quite enough for the recipe, so I threw in half a grapefruit that was hanging around the fridge and two Meyer lemons. 

Unfortunately, I yielded only about four seeds total (two from the grapefruit, two from the lemons) which is hardly enough for all of the pectin needed – my marmalade did not pass the gel test no matter how much longer I cooked it.  I ran out and grabbed some liquid pectin (with the rest of the canning supplies in the grocery store) which worked out just fine (I added it at the end).  As is typical with most marmalade recipes, this takes two days to make though you may be able to knock it down to one if you add pectin instead of trying to extract it from the seeds, skins, and pith.

Please forgive the photograph quality/clarity – Sportsglutton has the camera and I was left with my phone.

The marmalade is rustic, not too sweet, and perfectly delicious.  My pot yielded about 7.5 half pint jars (the “jam” size jars or the little squat ones).  Not only would it be great on toast, but would pair well with cheese (goat, triple cream, cream cheese, etc), pump up savory dishes (I added a little to an asian coconut milk marinade for beef), top off ice cream, and be phenomenal mixed into whipped cream or pastry cream with a cake (vanilla, spice, chocolate).  Oh, and it is great for gifts!


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