garden update

So after discussing all of the seed options for planting this year with our neighbor (we are in a duplex and share a backyard), we came to an agreement to try and grow… every single type of seed I ordered.  That is about 34 different types of herbs and veggies (and no, we do not have a big backyard at all).

Armed with our decision, it was time to start the seeds.  I tried a few different containers this year – cow pots (made from recycled cow manure, can be planted directly in the ground), tin cans (washed and then rinsed with a very light bleach solution to sterilize), and peat pots (made of peat which is gathered from a sensitive eco system and shipped hundreds of miles- I feel guilty about buying these and will probably never buy them again, can be planted in the ground).   Approximately 30 of the plants can be started from seed inside, the rest are best planted directly outside.

Some photos of the pots and my first seedlings!  The cow pots are the larger brown pots, the peat pots are smaller and connected like an egg carton, and hopefully the tin cans are obvious.

Herbs the day they were planted.
Poorly labeled herbs enjoying the sunny, 70 degree day, and the newly planted veggies
Cow pots with veggie seeds.


Cow pots and peat pots.

And, drumroll please… My first seedlings!!! This is huge for me.  It means I was not (yet) responsible for their death or inability to grow :).

Plants alive!

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