Sometimes the best things are the simplest. Now in the full throes of spring, an uncomplicated and unadulterated fruit salad can be so fresh and delicious that you almost forget your allergy induced runny nose and itchy eyes.

Jed (Sportsglutton) and I have spent the last week gorging ourselves in NYC while we visited family and friends. It was a delicious trip, we had appetizers and sausages at DBGB, delicate and refined sushi small plates at Soto, and a classic Italian (non Americanized) dinner at Vespa (in Great Neck). We also ate lots of pizza and bagels – because they rarely taste as good anywhere else in this great country.

Needless to say, we were acting a bit…wait for it…gluttonous.

To reverse the damage we inflicted upon ourselves, we loaded our shopping cart up with fruit and veggies yesterday. We plan on watching what we eat all summer and getting back into shape (the winter was hard on us this year) and the plan starts today.

Fruit salad rocks my world and will be on our breakfast regiment from here on out. Today I mixed up a Fuji apple, a banana, blackberries, and strawberries. For a little more substance, we had rye toast (I’m the marmalade toast girl) from the fresh loaf I baked yesterday on the side.

The moral of the story is that fruit salad is ridiculously easy, more fun than eating a single fruit all by its lonesome, and it is delicious – go get some.


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