hamburger rolls

I tried out a new bread recipe this week.  Ever in search of the perfect hamburger roll, I used a recipe from Frieda Loves Bread.   You should check out her site – fabulous bread (and various other) recipes abound, all looking fabulously tasty.

 The recipe is straight forward and quick to put together in one day – it does not require any overnight proofing.  Of course, the rolls are best straight out of the oven – crunchy on the outside and fluffy on the inside. 

I only made two departures from the recipe as written – I used bread flour and I brushed the rolls with melted butter right out of the oven.  I prefer a softer bun because my husband makes huge hamburgers and the whole package becomes too big to bite.  A softer bun allows for some smushing, which I need.  Brushing the rolls with butter softened the crust enough to make it them a little more pliable – aiding in bite maneuverability.  Making the rolls again, I will probably sub the oil for melted butter and brush the outside with butter again.  I like buttery buns, what can I say?  These are also great sandwich rolls – I had a peanut butter and fruit sandwich for breakfast on one of the leftover rolls – delicious! 


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