you have got to try this!

If I remember correctly, I believe I turned my nose up at this dish when Sportsglutton first spoke of it.  After my first bite (I like to think I am an adventurous eater after all) I was hooked.  Savory, salty, sour, crunchy, soft, bacony, cheesy… I could go on and on with the delicious adjectives.  Jed revisited this most bodacious recipe recently and I was in love all over again.  Yes, apparently the secret to my heart lies in noodles, but that is another story.

Krautschumpfnudeln. Kraut-what? Cr-oww-t-shoomf-nude-el-en.

Wrapped your english speaking tongue around that yet?  No matter, you don’t have to say it – just cook it, then shovel it into your face (especially after drinking a large beer or three). 

This is the real deal peeps.  Jed had made it for me in the states when we were dating, and I even got to try the real thing in Germany when we went to a street fair in Munich.  Delicious, yummy, omg-wtf-mate good.  And yes, he did make enough homemade spaetzle to feed all of the guests at our wedding, then taught our caterer how to use the noodles to make Krautschumpfnudeln.  There may have been reports of fighting over the delicious side dish amongst our guests, just a rumor though.

Please try the recipe, you will not be disappointed. 

For my non meat-eating friends… I assume egg beaters can be substituted in the noodle batter itself, while veggie bacon and veggie cheese can be subbed into the final dish as needed.  If you make any sort of meat/dairy free version, please let me know how it turns out!


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