sourdough starter from apple peels

I think it is pretty clear that I like to bake bread and assorted bread products, but for the most part I shy away from sourdough based breads.  Maybe this is blasphemy, but I only like the flavor in certain situations – I would rather have a non-sour loaf hanging around the house.  I didn’t really grow up with sourdough bread, so I will just go with the fact that I may never have acquired a true love and appreciation of the taste. 

So moving on… I did find a recipe for a starter that interested me, mostly because of the process.  You peel four organic apples, add some wheat flour and sugar, let it sit out, and bam sourdough.     I used this recipe from New Scandinavian Cooking for the starter and this recipe for the loaf of bread.

I found the directions a bit limited (even though I had watched the episode) and, if I remember correctly, slightly different from the technique used in the show.  I followed the starter recipe to the T, but in the bread recipe I substituted some bread flour in for some of the wheat flour (I was running low) and used hazelnut oil in place of the rapeseed oil.  I did use more water than was called for as my dough was originally very stiff.

So, did it work?  It did, though it does require more patience than I possess.  I probably should have let the dough rise more, but it had already been rising for 24 hours when I punched it down and shaped it into the baking pans.  Again, I probably should have waited a little longer before popping them in the oven.  Overall they did rise, but were still dense.  The sourdough flavor was definitely present, so if you are a fan give it a try. 

Would I make it again?   I am keeping the starter alive in my fridge for a while longer and plan to try out some other bread recipes of my own.  I will probably use the starter to make a sponge that will sit out overnight to develop flavor, then make a yeast fortified dough with the starter (to hopefully lighten the loaf and increase the rise time).  I think this falls under a cool science experiment-like project for me, so unless I have a kid who needs to learn about naturally occurring yeast and fermentation this recipe will go back to the shelf. 

I’m just not that into sourdough.


7 thoughts on “sourdough starter from apple peels

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  2. I watched the same program and I agree the info was a bit limited, do the apple peels break down or do you have to remove the skins ?

    1. Sorry I haven’t replied sooner! The peels did not break down for me. I picked the big pieces out, but left some of the small, really little pieces stay in the bread – I couldn’t really notice them.

  3. Hi – I am so glad to have found your blog. I used the same recipe to make the sourdough starter and it’s on day three now. It does not smell pleasant. Was this true of your starter as well? I don’t know if I should persist or just toss it. Any help would be greatly appreciated!

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