whats the story morning glory?

The story is that beauty is in the eye of the beholder. 

When I was young, our summer home had a retaining wall that ran along the back of the house.  Above that wall was a steep grade which essentially was treated as a vacant lot by both my family and the house above it.  Things run wild in a vacant lot and I loved when Morning Glories would spring up and run along the wall.  I thought those blue/purple/pink flowers were so pretty.

Fast forward twenty years.

Now as a gardener, I hate them and their incredibly invasive vines.  They are the bane of my existence, as they weave their way through all of our backyard beds.  They are slowly expanding their reign by slipping under the fence and entering our side bed.  I pull them out everyday, and every next day vines have sprung up again.  They are like a ninja assassin, slipping in unnoticed and killing off an unsuspecting victim.  Their runners move quickly beneath the surface, choking out all the non-invasive plants in your garden.

We are just renting, so I tell myself over and over that I only have to deal with it for this summer.  I pray that when the day comes for us to actually buy a house that there is no such invasion there… I don’t think I could bear it ;).

Oh Morning Glory, you garden ninja, you wily Medusa, you temptress to the unknowing masses – I hate.  I’m sorry but I do.


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