garden update part deux

In mid June I gave an update of my somewhat lackluster garden, so I thought it was about time I posted another update. 

I am happy to say that my plants are finally coming into their own and I will have tomatoes, among a few other veggies, after all.

I transplanted all of my tomatoes out of the bed along the fence.  They all survived the move with flying colors.  Instead of moving them to a new bed or spending over $20 on new pots, I decided to use a hanging sweater organizer for closets ($13 at Target).  I cut out every other separator to form three even sections.  I lined the sides with some recycled cardboard to help keep their shape and then filled with potting soil.  The organizer is made of canvas – this provides ample drainage and a weed barrier. 

There is even some fruit on the vines!

My tomatillo plant is still growing out of control.  Lots of flowers, but no fruit yet.  Should I be concerned?

I probably should have done a little research on them before sticking them in a pot with my herbs.  I think they are cramping some of my herbs style – I think it is time to do a little more staking/support to reign them back in a little.

This cucumber plant was very sad looking and slow growing in June… not so much now.  If it sprouts a few flowers perhaps it will set some fruit… before Halloween and the first snow.

These are our ridiculously fast growing purple potato plants.  So excited!

Crazy mint… Can you say mojito?

The kohlrabi is still kickin’.

My Contender bean plant is starting to flower and so are my borage plants.  Haven’t tried to eat the borage yet, but I’m excited to try it.  Any recipe suggestions?

The bane of my existence – freakin’ morning glory vine.

I also have a few pepper plants which seem to be holding up (no flowers yet) and eggplants that seem meh…  And that is where the garden stands as of this morning.


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