i’m back! #1

After a very long hiatus from blogging while I finished up my master’s degree in Urban Planning, I actually have some free time again to get back in the saddle and update this thing on a regular basis.

Since graduating in May, we have relocated to Wyoming for the summer and taken a much needed vacation.  I think I will share some of our fun in pictures from that trip.  We went to a ranch in Montana for a night and saw a cattle branding, went camping in Bighorn National Forest for a night (we will be doing that again soon), and spent 4-5 days camping in the Grand Teton’s – one of my favorite places in this country.

this will be the first of 3 posts on our vacation since I have a bunch of pictures to put in slideshows for ya.  If you are squeamish, skip the last photo in the “Life on the ranch” slideshow, if you are morally or ethically against it, just head to post number 2, nothing controversial there.

I apologize, I have not had time to post-process these images, they are straight out of our camera.

Life on the ranch:

This slideshow requires JavaScript.


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