I’m back #3

We finally arrived at Grand Teton National Park and boy was I happy.  We have camped here once before at the Gros Ventre campground which borders an elk preserve in the southern part of the park.  To change it up and see more of the park we stayed at the Jenny Lake campground this time.

This campground is a bit wooded and situated between a meadow and the lake.  There are no lake views, but trust me that is good thing – otherwise it would be windy and cold.  The campground was full almost every night we were there which is not surprising since there is excellent access to Jenny Lake, other smaller lakes, hiking paths, and bike paths.  We biked around on a scenes loop that has pretty light vehicle traffic and on the dedicated bike path that can take you all the way into Jackson.  Weather can change pretty quickly here, so be prepared especially during the spring.  We had warmer and cooler days, thunderstorms and rain.

Wildlife is everywhere here – the obligatory moose sighting, elk, beavers, lots of birds, chipmunks, and even a bear mama and cubs were all spotted during our trip.  We even had a reoccurring visit in our campsite from an elk we decided to call Eddy.  Sometimes he stopped by for an afternoon snack, sometimes for breakfast.  It was fantastic.

Be sure you keep your food locked up in this park by the way – a mama and cubs may be cute from afar, but no one wants a bear in their campsite.

I think this is one of my most favorite places in the country.   Now a short, self-serving plea from me – please do not forget to support our National Parks!  These are truly unique natural treasures worth saving and preserving.  Take a vacation, take your kids, meet your friends and family there – without taking the time to visit and experience these places we tend to loose track of their importance.  I will stop here, get down from my soapbox now, and let you enjoy the slideshow in peace.

Grand Teton National Park:

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